How to Use Keurig Coffee Makers

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Keurig coffee machines are indeed a great friend for those who would like to have a fresh and delicious experience every single morning. The K-cups (or pods) come with a single serving of diverse drinks such as hot tea, chocolate, cappuccino, coffee and so many others. Although this is a very practical machine to be home, since it makes individual servings, it is necessary to know how to proper operate it to avoid damaging your product. Your Keurig machine is certainly very special for your family, so know how to make it last!

How does it all work?

First of all you will need a few things. You need the Keurig machine, a mug, the K-cups or pods, and obviously water. As soon as you have these four items then all you need to do is actually plug your machine on. Although the machine is fast it is important to allow it a few minutes so it can heat the water properly. After all, you deserve to have your coffee brewed in the right temperature! The machine can store water for several cups, so add water at will. The machine will make a beeping noise as soon as it starts heating the water up. The next step is to select the kind of K-cup you will use and then insert it on the machine. Beware not to remove the foil lid just yet. Just jumping around here a bit, but you may wish to check out our article about the importance of descaling a single serve coffee makers like Keurigs. For more information, go straight to this link.

You will place your K-cup just above the Keurig logo right in the center of the machine. You will insert the K-cup in the whole and then use the handle to close the lid. You will then have to wait a few seconds until the screen of the machine shows the message “Ready to brew”. As soon as you get that message then you should have your cup in hands. Place the cup on the tray right at the bottom and at the very middle of your machine.

Depending on the size of your cup you will need to adjust the measure that the Keurig machine will provide you, so the cup will not get too filled. Most Keurig machines come with this function, so you will certainly not have any risks of spilling the contents or even having too much coffee at once. You will have a small picture chart on your machine showing the levels that the machine can fill. If it is your very first time using the machine make sure you choose the lowest mode so you do not go under the risk of spilling your coffee. Once you get the swing of things using your Keurig machine will become much, much easier, more than what it already is.

K-cup makers

The bottom line.

Keurig machines are therefore quite easy to be used. Although it might seem complicated, the machine is quite practical and easy to use. This is indeed the perfect item to have in your kitchen whether you need it for home purposes or business reasons.

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