Importance of Descaling Your Keurig

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Your Keurig is certainly very special for the whole family. These coffee makers (either Tassimo or Nespresso) do the same thing, however they need to be taken care of from the very first day, after all they make you deliciously fresh drinks every single day! One cup at a time you will be able to get the best out of warm drinks all day long. Whether you want coffee, hot chocolate or even delicious cups of tea, your Keurig machine will certainly make the job right for you. But, how to contribute to your machine? It is quite simple! Keurigs need some love and cleaning!

How come a Keurig machine gets dirty?

Although every single drink that can be done by a Keurig machine come in pods or even K-cups, the sugar and other “debris” preventative from the substance (coffee, hot chocolate, tea and others) make your Keurig machine dirtier and dirtier, each passing day. If hard water and other dirt such as coffee grinds and sugars continue to take up space in your Keurig machine then it is finally time to clean it up!

But, when is the first cleaning required? Well, depends on how much you use the machine. Suppose you use your machine every single morning to make at least two cups. If that is your case then it would be recommended to clean the machine at least once a month. If possible clean it once every two weeks. Although this might seem like a challenge it is quite easy once you get the swing of things.

How to properly clean a Keurig machine?

The job will be made much easier if you have a few tools in hand before starting. It is also important to keep in mind that some parts of your machine are dishwasher safe, which means the whole process will be made even simpler. Now, for the parts that cannot be washed with a machine you will need: old toothbrush, white vinegar (pure), dish liquid, all purpose cleaner, and microfiber cloth of any size. Now that you have everything in hands it is time you unplug the machine (always make sure you have not skipped this step), then start putting everything apart. The machine will have different parts of reservoir, drip tray and drip tray cover and also the funnel and k-cup holder.


Now that you have everything apart it is time you decide whether to wash it on the sink or dishwasher. If you decide for the first let water with soap soak everything for a few minutes, now if you choose for the second place all items on the top rack and let your machine do the tough job for you. Remove all debris with your microfiber cloth, lightly, so you will not scratch the machine.After this step is done heat up some water and make it quite warm. Add the vinegar so you will have a steamy combination of vinegar and water so your machine gets fully cleaned. After that rinse, dry and have fresh coffee the next morning!

Now that your brewer is nice and clean it’s time for some great tasting coffee, perhaps a strong brew from our friends at Kona, or one of your favorite Starbucks brands. But whatever your preference you might like to visit our friends over at perfect k cup for a some great advice on what is available.

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