Keurig Troubleshooting: 5 Simple Solutions to Common Problems

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Your Keurig machine is beyond doubt a very useful item to have at home at all times right! Well, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world use the machine on a daily basis to have fresh brewed coffee or even chocolate every single morning.

Although Keurig machines are extremely sturdy and last for years, repeated usage may indeed cause malfunction, just like it would happen in every single machine and electronic. Of course problems appear and when it comes to Keurig machines most problems are quite easy to solve. Although you might feel afraid of doing it, it is possible to solve almost all issues that happen with your Keurig machine. Let’s learn about the five most common issues that happen with Keurig machines and the easy tactics to solve the issue in only a few minutes. You will certainly be able to fix your machine soon and have your delicious coffee machine working as if it was brand new!

Problem 1 – Clogging

Clogging is one of the most common issues that happen with any coffee machine, whether it is Keurig or not. This happens because of the repeated usage. Although users might fret, there is no reason to panic. You can easily solve the issue home by simply following a few steps. You can clean or even remove the needle that punctures the coffee pods. It is also important to run a water cycle, as if you were making coffee. This will ensure everything is unclogged and ready to function properly again.

Problem 2 – Brewer shuts off unexpectedly

This is certainly a very scary problem at first, however do not worry, this malfunction is quite easy to fix. You can simply take your water reservoir out and insert it back into place again. This happens because the magnet might get dislodged while the brewing happens, after all the reservoir vibrates.

Problem 3 – Not Ready message.

This is a very annoying issue. Well, it is quite easy to solve though. First of all unplug your machine and then remove the water reservoir. Turn the machine on, place the water reservoir and after a few seconds turn it off again and remove the water reservoir once again. When you turn on the machine back on, check if the not ready message persists, if so simply lower handle and everything should go back to normal.

Problem 4 – Blue light shining.

Most people do not know what this means. It is quite simple though. Your machine is trying to tell you that you need to add more water to the reservoir. By doing so the light will certainly go away and you will be able to proceed.

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Problem 5 – Installing the water filter in the proper time.

This is a feature of only a few Keurig machines. In order to install the filter at the proper time, after you actually install the new one set the alarm of the machine for two months from the day you do it, that way you will know exactly when to do the next change. This will ensure your coffee is always fresh and tasty.

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